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What's a good idea worth?

Creativity, originality, ideas and concepts aren't based on time, they're based on talent. This means that creative work can't be priced by the normal method of estimating time and charging an hourly rate - inspiration isn't like that.

Creative work is fee based - in other words we charge a fixed price and the creative process takes as long as is necessary to reach the requiried result.

Please note that artwork and production costs are not included in the fee. This is because very low quality images, sketches and text can be used to visualise the design concept - but when it comes to final artwork 'reproduction' quality photographs, illustrations and copywriting may well have to be commissioned.

Design Fees Only (includes visual mock-up).

  • Simple one-off promotional items like flyers, posters, press adverts and so on: £100. Click here for artwork prices.

  • Brochures, newsletters and simple business literature: 200. Click here for artwork prices.

  • Corporate design, logos, IDs and company stationery: 300. Click here for artwork prices.

  • Branding, website design and graphics: 500. Click here for artwork prices.

  • Periodicals and magazine design, sales and marketing campaigns and multi-media projects: A monthly retainer arrangement (3 months minimum). Click here for artwork prices.

  • Press releases and PR campaigns: A monthly retainer arrangement (6 months minimum). Click here for artwork prices.

  • Advertising campaigns: annual contract paid as a monthly retainer. Creative fees based on a 15% mark-up of total advertising spend (a standard agency mark-up).  Click here for artwork prices.
    Let's be realistic. You'll need to allocate an annual budget of at least 50,000 to give even a basic press advertising campaign any chance of success. If you have a smaller budget there are more cost effective ways of maximising your investment.

These are estimates only - all projects are accurately costed after the original design brief is received and a written quotation is supplied for approval prior to work commencing.

I'm happy to talk anytime, day or night - call if you need to discuss or clarify a particular project.

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Artwork Prices

We realise that 'full-service' design isn't appropriate for organizations that already have an established identity, so we offer an artwork production service for clients who want to provide their own material and page layouts. We produce high quality CMYK 'print-ready' files suitable for professional litho and digital output. We can also arrange printing if required.

Click here for artwork prices.

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